Smart Truck

Smart Truck

Product Description

This product is designed for automatic loading into a truck / unloading from a truck without using a forklift. it is most commonly used tor shuttle services between production facilities and distribution centers. By using an automated system loading or unloading times are significantly reduced. A common conventional trailer loading time is reduced from 40 to 60 minutes into just 3 to 5 minutes. The trailers are modified tor conveyor and automatic door. it is generally convenient for transportation between factory and warehouses and/or between supplier and factory with fixed vehicles. Loading/unloading from system to production lines or warehouses and vice versa can be automated (via conveyors, AGVs, ete.).


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Optional Equipment

Technical Features

Dimensions of the pallet:
For Example: EURO Pallet
1000x 1200x 2100 mm
9-20 meter/minute
Ambient Temperature:
-15°C to 50°C
Cold Environment*:
-30°C to 25°C
Motor Power:
0,37 kW – 2,2 kW
380V AC
Min. Conveyor Height:
350 mm
Max. Capacity:
32-33 Pallets
Max. Load Weight:
– 24.000 kg (for Turkey)
(our system weight: 5.000 kg)
Pallet Direction:
3 pallets if Short Side Leading
2 pallets if Long Side Leading

*Supplier Capability query for cold zones proposal not required.

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Smart Truck