Fast packing system for american cases

Automatic Casepacker

The products from the line are automatically sorted, filled into the cardboard carton closed, taped, labeled and transported to the conveyor. When the product change, the system can be adjusted according to different size products. In this machine fed by hand cardboard, it is stacked according to the box dimensions of the products coming from the line and customer request. When the boxes are stacked, they are automatically removed from the feeding unit and opened into the product. After bringing the cardboard to the front of the stacked product, the product is pushed into the box. The product is loaded with rollers on the roll with the help of the box pushers, formulated to close the cardboard cover the closed cardboard covers are closed. The cardboard is applied to the automatic banding mechanism and the tape is glued onto the closed caps without stopping. After this stage, the carton is completely closed. The size and contents of the label are automatically pasted. Carton is sent to the stacking area by means of conveyor.


Usage Areas and Points:

  • FMCG
  • Tobacco
  • Pharma
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Automatic Casepacker - Automatic Casepacker
  • Automatic packaging without damaging the product
  • Ensures the quality of the product
  • Speed: 80-100 packet / min
  • Machine to be customized according to product 

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