Load & unload trailers of any size…

Loading and unloading loose-loaded cargo often includes so much more than simply filling or emptying vehicles. With Caljan working your door, you get a smooth, future-proof conveyor line that continues to match your business needs as your requirements change.

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Cajan at Jysk - CALJAN Telescopic Conveyor
“There is no doubt that Caljan’s telescopic conveyors help us unload containers faster.”Bjarne Mikkelsen, JYSK, Denmark
Caljan at DHL - CALJAN Telescopic Conveyor
“The total cost of ownership is convincing. Caljan boom conveyors are simply more robust than those manufactured by competitors.” Marcel De Kelver, DHL Aviation
data sheet front - CALJAN Telescopic Conveyor

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Increase productivity, from manual to automatic handling

From manual to automatic handlingThe easiest way to cut costs is to improve efficiency. Caljan’s Telescopic Conveyors are the effective way to optimise your unloading process. Instead of your team taking up to four hours to unload a container, one operator can do the job in just two hours. Productivity is increased two-fold.

Financial savings

In addition to doubling your capacity at the door, turn-around times are reduced, making your loading and/or unloading process more effective. Our extensive experience shows that the simple and logical concept of Caljan BeltTrack and RollerTrack Conveyors results in increased profitability from day one!

Create a safer work environment

Utilising a telescopic conveyor improves the working environment for your employees, so they are able to work effectively throughout their shift. Muscular strains and overwork are significantly reduced, so you save on the cost of sick leave, hiring temporary replacements and training.