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Dedem Mekatronik and Mars Autonomous Vehicles shake on strategic partnership

Dedem Mekatronik, one of the leading brands of Turkey in turnkey smart factory projects and automation solutions, and Mars Autonomous Vehicles, one of the giant companies of the sector, which makes 100% domestic production from mechanics to software in the autonomous mobile robot industry, have reached an agreement on the “Strategic Product Partnership”.

Raşit İmrenci, Chairman of the Board of Dedem Mekatronik, stated that with the agreement which will give a new impulse to the industry, the parties will continue to dynamically meet the productivity needs of the market with their innovative products:

“Within the scope of the principle agreement between our companies are planning to produce ‘autonomous mobile robots’ with the Dedem Mekatronik brand, R&D and P&D cooperation, integration of autonomous mobile robots into Dedem Mekatronik projects. Dedem and Mars aim to increase their brand values ​​and expand their market shares in domestic and international markets by joining forces. I hope this strategic product partnership agreement will be beneficial for the industry and the two companies.”

Cihan Şahin, General Manager of Mars Autonomous Vehicles, stated that he is confident that the two companies, which attach utmost importance to R&D and P&D studies within their own structures, will produce very good results with such a cooperation; “Both Mars and Dedem Mekatronik; brands that are pioneers in their fields, experienced and attach importance to continuous development in every field. As a result of all this, the innovative ideas and products that will emerge through our joint efforts will include useful and sometimes groundbreaking solutions for all industries. I wish that our strategic product partnership agreement, which we think will carry our brands to higher levels in every sense, both internally and externally, will be beneficial for everyone.”

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