We are an end-to-end automation provider that can fully support your material handling projects.

Our North American HQ is in Dallas, TX and led by Mike Mattke.

With 15 years of automation engineering & material handling experience, he can consult with you on your project layout & objectives and share if we would be able to help.

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Within Dedem Mekatronik we have specialized mechanical, electrical, and automation teams that work together to produce integrated mechatronic solutions not found elsewhere.

Mike Mattke and our 30 person strong team of engineers are work together to create the most economic and sustainable automation solutions for your factory.

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Complete production startup

We have built out brand new factories and overhauled existing factories. These projects can be done from zero or with a phase-by-phase approach.

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Robotic Applications

Many of our customers are seeking ways to apply robotics to their production process to decrease cost and increase productivity.

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Project-based Material Handling

Most often our customers want to make a change or solve a problem on a project basis. They work with us to design, build and deliver a turnkey solution. We design and commision of the right solution for your factory.


Design and Build in-house

Ergonomic solutions

3D Simulation of Flow

Fair prices

On-Time Commissioning

After Sales Services

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Dallas Metro Area, Texas

Phone: 214-771-5321

E-mail: nasales@dedemmekatronik.com