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Safescan 200 - Dock SafeScan 200

Dock SafeScan 200

It is designed to scan moving and stationary objects in loading areas and to minimize the risks of accidents that may occur during operation. Thanks to the high resolution laser scanning and fast response capability, all risks are detected and the early warning system is activated. The warning system can be noticed by the driver, forklift operator and loading personnel as both visually and audibly.


Risks of Loading Dock:

  • Personnel are at risk of falling down from loading bay
  • Personnel trapped between the vehicle and the loading dock due to the unawareness of approaching vehicle
  • Due to sudden health problems, the staff is stuck between the loading dock and the vehicle. (For Example: Fainting state)
  • The personnel getting panic falls down while running away when noticed the vehicle at the last moment and unawareness of the driver
  • Not being able personnel and driver to act on time because non existing of early warning system
  • Not being able the driver to sense presence of personnel between loading dock and the vehicle
  • Driver and personnel has insufficient knowledge about HSE consciousness
  • Uncontrolled operation of forklifts at loading sites
  • Heavy loading activity at loading sites

Dock SafeScan, consists combination of 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional laser scanning systems, safety controller and warning systems. Loading dock region is separated into two regions.

1.: Approach Region is away 9-10 m from loading dock and approaching vehicle is detected first time at the entrance of this region.

2.: Safe Region has the area of max. 6x6 dimension; moving or stationary people or objects are detected in this region. As soon as a vehicle enters into approach region and someone is detected at the same time , system starts to give sound and light warnings.

The speed of a vehicle moving at an average speed of 5 km / h is 1.3 m / s. Therefore, assuming that the vehicle driver senses the warning and reacts within an average of 2 seconds, it will travel 2.6 m in 2 seconds. Therefore, due to the braking distance and response delay time, the vehicle is detected at least 4 m away from the safe area and the risk of being warned at that moment reduces the risk to a much lower level and ensures that the safe zone area is fully used as 6 x 6 m. Otherwise, if the detection starts at the beginning of the safe zone, the effect safe usage point of the region comes back 4 m and becomes 2 m.


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  • When we taking into account the sense of warning, taking action, running away and braking, the approaching vehicle must be detected beyond 4 meters of safe region.
  • Since approaching vehicle can be detected independently the entire area of 6x6 m is used as safe region.
  • The system gives a warning when the sensor becomes dirty due to external influences, malfunctions and the signal cable is broken.
  • The system components consist of equipment that complies with safety standards.
  • The system can be able to communicate other dock equipments having signal port . (For example: It is not allowed to open the dock door without parking the vehicle.)
  • Dock SafeScan, is unique and first sectoral solution combines all of the above advantages together.
  • Please contact for technical details.

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