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Environmental Awareness Trainings

We are aware of our responsibility to the world and our natural resources, and we are not only spreading this awareness within our company but also imparting it to the employees at our clients’ project sites! Today, we would like to share some moments from the various training sessions we conducted at different construction sites.

We are taking steps towards building a more sustainable future together with the employees who participate in our environmental awareness trainings. Our trainings cover topics such as efficient use of natural resources, waste management, energy efficiency, and green practices. Our goal is to raise awareness among our employees regarding environmental issues and encourage them to find eco-friendly solutions in their daily work processes.

As we construct the future, we not only prioritize the quality of our projects but also the impact on the environment. We will continue to promote eco-friendly practices in all our work areas. Let’s join hands to create a cleaner, greener world!

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