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Hooray For Entropy !

We can define Entropy as an ology that

Researches the thermodynamic energy and energy conversions.

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We can define Entropy as an ology that researches the thermodynamic energy and energy conversions. Efficient energy – active energy has been discussed and developed in the present world and we can not ignore that.

Thermodynamics is shaped by scientific laws and I will give the overview of the first two of them.

The first law is – ‘the Conservation of Energy principle’.(Note: I have to state that the first law is not actually the first law, there is also a zero law). According to this principle, energy can change shape during an interaction, but the total amount will always remain stable. In other words “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed”.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics says that while quantity remains the same (First Law), the quality of matter/energy deteriorates gradually over time. This law also tells us that when energy is changing the form, the total amount of matter/ energy remains constant. Concepts and the laws of the Entropy are shaped by nature and universe.

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Entropy can be named as a measurement of the irregularity. In the universe, irregularity increases irreversibly. Irreversibilities reflects us as useless energy.

In the universe useful energy constantly diminishing.
Here are few examples:

– Cup of cooling coffee, you can reheat the coffee again and again to the desired temperature but you can not use the same heat for each time.

– Consider two different libraries with the same books in each. In the first books are arranged randomly and in the second one – according to the title or author’s name. Finding a book in the first library would be quite problematic. Based on that we can say that the second library has lower entropy than the first one.

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Your demands are continuously increase, as well as the entropy. It’s a natural process. But how much the system responds to those increasing demands? How much is it modifiable or modular. Try to keep your entropy size in balance. A large entropy difference between your own internal systems leads to inefficiency. To overcome this, you should observe your internal dynamics well, identify the most appropriate irreversibility concepts and transfer your resources to the right channel.

Efficient systems operate at low entropy. Contact with your solution partners if you can not achieve the desired results. Extend and expand your project content with technical support from experts. Creating ideal layouts, making a proper material selection, efficient design and usage of the right technologies would minimize your energy losses. Moreover, more flexible modular systems would increase your efficiency.

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Lean and timely production would bring advantages and competitiveness on the market, rather than complex and timeless production. It is possible to keep the differences between the probability distributions of the processes in the production bands at a low level, and keep the entropy in the system at the appropriate level.Decreasing the possibilities helps to get more reliable and measurable data, also solution would be easier to achieve. The system will deteriorate over time if control (traceability) and correction mechanisms are not put in place, no matter how perfect it is.

Such an effective engineering micro realm law is affecting many different fields, like macroworld, production facilities, management systems, psychology, architecture, and art. The well-known astrophysicist Sir Arthur Eddington states that the entropy is ‘’the supreme metaphysical law of the entire universe.’’

Instead of taking the concept of entropy as a negative, it is important to understand it and try to find the most effective structure with the right fixation.


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