IndustriesOthers Industries Others Dedem Mekatronik has successfully completed countless automation projects including innovative products/solutions in the Tobacco, Chemicals, Polyurethane, Furniture, Energy, etc. industries. Previous Next


IndustriesAgriculture Industries Agriculture With different solutions and designs in the agricultural industry; we accomplished many successful automation and turnkey projects in seed, cereal and feed sectors. Agriculture is a vital sector, especially for developed and developing countries. Various systems are used for automatic greenhouses, seeds, wet-dry vegetables and fruits. The use of automation systems in […]

Construction & Insulation

IndustriesConstruction & Insulation Industries Construction & Insulation We offer many solutions to companies that provide products to the construction industry. Construction is one of the developing and growing industries of Turkey. Increasing population and especially urbanization projects have caused housing constructions to gain momentum in recent years. In order to reduce the labor figures, enterprises […]


IndustriesPackaging Industries Packaging The packaging industry, which generally has a continuous line, does not tolerate downtimes and breaks. Paper is a thin material that is mostly used in writing, can be printed or drawn on, and can also be used for packaging purposes. It is generally obtained as a result of pressing the cellulose pulp […]


IndustriesFMCG Industries FMCG Downtimes cause great losses for businesses that manufacture FMCG products. That’s why they have to build systems that work flawlessly. FMCG or packaged consumer goods are low-cost products that sell quickly, are replaced, or are easily consumed within a year, the use of which is usually restricted on a per day, month, […]

Logistics & e-Commerce

IndustriesLogistics &e-Commerce Industries Logistics & e-Commerce Recent years, have seen increased technological adoption, and the onset of the pandemic has further accelerated, 2020 ensured we were all confined to our homes, working and shopping remotely. This resulted in a large-scale shift in consumer behavior, preferences and expectations when it came to shopping and shipment delivery. […]


IndustriesAutomotive Industries Automotive The automotive industry (requires the most complex technology after the aerospace industry) needs companies working with high-technology which includes major engineering fields to develop and establish efficiency projects in manufacturing, assembly and delivery lines. The industry has to develop itself and make continuous improvement studies. Product Control unit These units ensures higher […]

White Goods

IndustriesWhite Goods Industries White Goods White Goods & Durable Consumer Goods industry has gained great development in Turkey in recent years. Especially cheap labor and efficient production methods have encouraged global players to invest in Turkey. Most of the products manufactured by this industry in Turkey are exported to the whole world. Dedem has successfully […]