Our process revolves around you and your needs

Your time is valuable

You want a partner that is easy to work with and you want a solution that works day-after-day. We completely understand. When you work with Dedem on your project, we work with you through our 5 step process. At the end you ‘Just Press Start.’

  • We start by assigning you a dedicated Project Manager.
  • Your project manager is your single point of contact, from the time you sign the contract till you have a working solution in your factory.
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We start by getting a thorough understanding of the project context.

We don’t just want to know technical specifics, but also your desired end results to understand the ‘why’ of the project. Understanding the ‘what’ along with the ‘why’ is a critical component of our success.

  • Our Distinctives:

    1. Thorough understanding of context
    2. Learning the ‘why’ behind the project
    3. Collaborate with you to generate solution ideas


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Our Distinctives:

1. Reliable, energy-efficient and safe component selection expertise
2. Large selection of ready-made components
3. Custom requirements can be handled by in-house mechanical and electrical design teams

  • Create Ideal Layout & Simulate Live in 3D

    We start the Design Phase of your project by suggesting a new, ideal layout based on your desired results and budget. Then we bring it to life with a 3D working simulation. This helps us ensure everyone is on the same page and find problems early.

  • Component Selection

    Alongside the layout we suggest the best components for your project from our own Dedem Created Solutions and our worldwide Partners Solutions. Having reliable, energy-efficient and safe components is a critical part of a solution that actually solves the problem.

  • Mechanical Design

    If you have a unique need, not met by our suppliers, our in-house mechanical design team can create custom-designs for your particular project’s needs.

  • Electrical Planning

    In this phase we also create a detailed electrical plan for the project. We started in the electrical space 20 years ago, so you are in greats hands.

  • Your Final Design Approval


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We are one of the few mechatronics firms in the world that is able to design and build in-house.

Our 6,500 m2 manufacturing facility is centrally located in Izmir, Turkey. Your project is produced and assembled by our experienced 70 member team.

  • Our Distinctives:

    1. In-house design, build and test
    2. Centrally located production in Turkey
    3. 20 years of mechatronics production expertise


industrial robot 2 e1484660478348 - Our Project Process

When your software team sits next to your mechanical team you get better results

Concurrently our 10 person software and robotics team is developing the necessary integrations and programming to ensure peak efficiency. As industry moves toward fully-connected 4.0 expectations you can rest assured you’re working with the right team.

  • Our Distinctives:

    1. Software implementation is under consideration from the start of the project
    2. Large team can handle complex implementations


delivery truck e1484660458433 - Our Project Process

Now all you need to do is press Start

Upon a positive factory acceptance test, your project is delivered to your site and commissioned on-time. We leave your operators being well trained and with detailed documentation in-hand. And, if you ever experience a problem our Technical Service team will be by your side immediately.

  • Our Distinctives:

    1. On-time delivery of a solution that actually solves your problem
    2. The same people that built it are installing it
    3. Very responsive service

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