It provides manual feeding of cigarette packets to high speed and mid speed packer machines for cigarette companies.

Pack Feeding

Cigarette packages stacked on plastic treys are loaded into the machine with the help of the operator. 2 trays are fed at the same time. It is approved from the operator panel. During the operation of the packer machine, the system can be activated by the operator anytime and the manual packaging will be activated.

Usage Areas and Points:

  • Tobacco


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Untitled - Pack Feeding
  • Increases productivity by reducing packer stoppages.
  • By reducing the human factor to a minimum the production accidents are prevented.
  • Prevents the structure of packages from deteriorating during feeding process.
  • Speed: 800 packs / min
  • Product types: Gelatinous / gelatin free and with / without label Suitable for all cigarette packages
  • Machine dimensions: 1700 mm / 2100 mm / 882 mm

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