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The packaging industry, which generally has a continuous line, does not tolerate downtimes and breaks. Paper is a thin material that is mostly used in writing, can be printed or drawn on, and can also be used for packaging purposes. It is generally obtained as a result of pressing the cellulose pulp obtained from moist wood fibers or grass cloths and drying in flexible sheets. In particular, paper has been used a lot in the packaging industry in recent years due to the rapid recycling of nature. Dedem Mekatronik has realized many projects in many fields such as corrugated cardboard industry, liquid food packaging, writing and drawing paper, etc. and has the knowledge and experience to meet the mechatronics solution needs in the industry.

With the help of Mezzanine Product Picking; in multi-storey warehouses, the products collected based on order are fed to the multi-storey elevator with a drop conveyor after packing and combined at a single line at the exit. Thus, forklift and operator costs are reduced to a minimum level.