AMR – C100

AMR – C100 AMR – C100 Product Description The C100 is the smallest mobile robot in our product range. It is specially designed for transporting and towing trolleys on production sites. Benefits   It is in a structure that can pass under structures 200 mm high from the ground. It has a carrying capacity of […]

AMR – S100

AMR – S100 AMR – S100 Product Description It is our small economical collaborative mobile service robot. Benefits   It has a carrying capacity of 100 kg. It helps to produce special solutions for your business by integrating a transport hopper, conveyor or lift into the upper structure. It can work integrated with other robots. […]

AMR – C300

AMR – C300 AMR – C300 Product Description It offers easy setup with natural navigation software designed for enhanced productivity. Benefits   Thanks to its robust structure, it works seamlessly in industrial areas and provides maximum benefit in production. Due to its much smaller footprint, it helps you optimize your logistics operations by being included […]

AMR – C1500


AMR – C1500 AMR – C1500 Product Description Our smart mobile robot that will reduce the workload with a carrying capacity of 1500 kg. Benefits   Thanks to its flexible and easy-to-use natural navigation software, it provides installation in a short time. It adds flexibility to production by offering unlimited equipment integration possibilities thanks to […]