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Guillotine Door & Rack Door

Guillotine Door & Rack Door Guillotine Door & Rack Door Product Description The guillotine doors open in vertical position. This is an advantage for space usage. It can be opened/closed quickly under control. When placed on the lines in the factories, it can be opened/closed in accordance with the cycle times. Benefits Ease of use […]

Pallet Control Unit

Pallet Control Unit Pallet Control Unit Product Description Automatic control mechanism on the conveyor. In addition to the control of the pallet base, as an option laser sensor scanning unit can be added to determine whether the products on the pallet are slipped, irregular or in the required dimensions. The unit checks the rigidity of […]

Fence and Barrier

Fence and Barrier Fence and Barrier Product Description Safety fences are flexible protective fences according to machine requirements. They have design oriented, robust and easily expandable aluminum-profile technology. Benefits Easy access for maintenance Adaptable to any need Reconfigurability on site Easy assembly Grounding Technical Features Tailored to your special safety needs Convenient for All industries […]

Check Weigher

Check Weigher Check Weigher Product Description Weight checker unit for products. The weighing system used in roller conveyors check the products statically. The movable mechanism is below the roll level, the conveyor is stopped and the weighing system is lifted up by the piston when it comes to the product. Loadcell, which is lifted up, […]