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Bulk Conveyor

Bulk Conveyor

Product Description

Dust leakproof belt conveyors for bulk materials are very special conveyors with high carrying capacities, dust leakproof advantage and other features. Generally used in the transfer of products such as detergent powder, coal dust, boron mine etc. Special scrapers, band switches, brush systems, leakproof inspection and maintenance covers are available. Automatic moving belt adjustment mechanism to prevents the conveyor belt from sliding. When the switches and monitoring doors that provide information on the belt are opened, magnetic sensors are used to notify the safety system. Hygienic, heat resistant, impact resistance, heavy load carrying type and many options are available.


Technical Features

3 – 20 m/min
800 – 1200 mm
2 – 45 m
Motor Power
4 – 7,5 kW
380 V
100 m3/hour

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Bulk Conveyor