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ARB Modular Conveyor

ARB Modular Conveyor

Product Description

Modular belt conveyors are low energy and low friction products with different types specific to the sector. Compared to belt conveyors with similar characteristics, the greatest advantages can be added up to the length of the rolling mills and the regional changes of the damaged parts can be made. Band exchange in the business takes a lot of time because it will cause a serious stop in modular bands this risk is very low. Modular Conveyors are now becoming widespread in almost all sectors. Conveyor Chains have Hygienic, Heat Resistant, Buffering, Impact Resistance, Heavy Load Transport and many options. In addition, special tapes with products, alignment, rotation, overwriting, sorting, etc. are capable of doing all the movements.

Technical Features

65 mm – 6000 mm
750 – 12000 mm
10 – 70 m/min
Minimum Conveyor Height
750 mm
Minimum Conveyor Height
350 mm
Engine Power
0,25 kW – 2,2 kW
230-400 V 50Hz
Carrying capacity max (for 1mt)
~50 kg
Ambient Temperature
+ 5 °C – + 50 °C


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ARB Modular Conveyor