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Gravity Roller Conveyor​

Gravity Roller Conveyor​

Product Description

Conveyors that uses kinetic energy or gravity for transportation.
Free Roller Conveyors are usually used in the assembly lines to transport parts by the operator’s push between the stations close to each other. They can also be mounted on shelves in stock areas. Thanks to the rollers mounted at an inclination of about 4º – 5º, as long as the goods are removed from the front in the long shelves, the rear side moves forward and provides ease of loading and unloading. They are used in sorter systems and reject stations. If the products accelerate freely on the angled conveyor, the braking system can control the speed at certain intervals. Because they are modular, they are comfortable to use in all areas and can be replaced. The long service life of these conveyors and the failure of the conveyors provide a great advantage.


Technical Features

12-30 mt / min
Diameter of roller Q
50-90 mm
Minimum Conveyor Height
300 mm
Motor Power
Suitable for customer request
Carrying Capacity max (1mt)
1500 KG
Working Environment
+ 5 °C – + 50 °C

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Gravity Roller Conveyor​