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Slat Conveyor

Slat Conveyor

Product Description

Slat conveyors are chain conveyors mounted with different types of fixtures. Slat conveyors are chain conveyors made with different types of metal pallets depending on the special treatment wood or application connected to the movement system. Additional points in long conveyors are reinforced with special sheet cutting design. It can work in heavy conditions with bearing system and high strength chase durability. They can be driven at low speeds. It is especially preferred in the continue lines.


Technical Features

400mm – 2000 mm
1 mt – 25 mt
0.5 to 20 mt / min
Minimum Conveyor Height
450 mm
Engine Power
0,75 kW – 2,2 kW
Suitable for customer request
Carrying Capacity max (1mt)
1500 KG
Working Environment
+ 5 °C – + 50 °C

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Slat Conveyor