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Chain Transfer Unit

Chain Transfer Unit

Product Description

90° tranfer unit on conveying lines. Conveyors are designed to transfer wood or plastic pallets 90 degrees in process. Mounted within a roller conveyor. Roller takes the short edge ahead on the conveyor and lifts the pallet above the roll level and provides transfer to the chain conveyor with long side ahead or vice versa, the long edge allows the transfer of the leading product to the roller conveyor. The 3-row chain spacing aligns the wedges on the pallet for safe transport and ensures the stability of the pallet.


Technical Features

Pallet Dimensions
800×1200 mm
12-30 m/min
Ambient Temperature
5-50 °C
Motor Power
0,75 kW
380 V AC
Min. Conveyor Height
300 mm
Max. Capacity
1500 kg

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Chain Transfer Unit