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Timing-Belt Transfer Unit

Timing-Belt Transfer Unit

Product Description

The traction transitions are removed by means of a pneumatic cylinder and the articulated joint and are taken out of the rolls and transferred to 90 degrees. Tiger transitions are units that are used to transfer loads that are light, large and must not be damaged without damaging the product. It is designed by calculating the number of arms and the axes between the two arms depending on the product width and variety. It is preferred for the transfer of products with six straight lines and does not damage the belt structure. Heat resistance can be increased by making special coatings on belt tops.


Technical Features

0.5 to 60 mt / min
Belt Type
T10 Timing Belt
Minimum Conveyor Height
500 mm
Carrying capacity max (1mt)
80 kg
Suitable for customer request
Working Environment
+ 5 °C – + 50 °C

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Timing-Belt Transfer Unit