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Product Turn Table

Product Turn Table

Product Description

Product Turn tables are systems that can be coupled to roller chain conveyors and rotate products. There are two types; driven and non-driven. Driven turntables provide automatic rotation of products +/- 90° and 180°. Non-driven turntables, on the other hand, allow the products to be rotated manually. They are mainly used for white goods assembly lines. Turn tables diameters can be changed according to product and line type.

Technical Features

10-20 m/min
485-885 mm
700-1.100 mm
Engine Power
0.25 kW
Minimum Conveyor Height
350 mm
Maximum Conveyor Height
1.500 mm
Working Environment
5 to 40 °C
230/400 V AC 50 Hz
Maximum Weight Capacity
150 kg
The preffered color for moving parts is usually orange (RAL 2004)


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Product Turn Table