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Pallet Control Unit

Pallet Control Unit

Product Description

Automatic control mechanism on the conveyor.
In addition to the control of the pallet base, as an option laser sensor scanning unit can be added to determine whether the products on the pallet are slipped, irregular or in the required dimensions. The unit checks the rigidity of the pallet base, the height control of the products on the pallet, the width control and the stack accuracy control. Appropriate values can be entered on a screen or read automatically with a barcode reader at the input system check is performed. When the system detects that the products on the base or on the pallet are different than the desired values, it can stop the system or transfer the pallet out of the system automatically.


Technical Features

Pallet Dimensions
800×1200 mm
12-30 m/min
Ambient Temperature
5-50 °C
Motor Power
0,37 kW
380 V
Min. Conveyor Height
300 mm
Max. Capacity
1500 kg

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Pallet Control Unit