proks 9001 - Quality Commitments & Certificates
proks 14001 - Quality Commitments & Certificates
proks OHSAS 18001 - Quality Commitments & Certificates


  • As stated in our DDM.EK.053__Business Ethics Guide, there are adequate preventative procedures in place and a prohibition on any and all forms of bribery and corruption.
  • Any gifts and hospitality is kept reasonable and proportionate in nature.
  • All confidential information (competitor, employees and customer) is handled in accordance with applicable laws.
  • Money laundering and trade of information are prohibited and financial records are recorded in accordance with applicable laws.
  • The information, know-how and intellectual property of our customers are respected and protected.
  • Products and services are delivered according to agreed specifications and research is conducted responsibly and scientifically.
  • All laws and regulations are complied with.
  • All employees can report their concerns and complaints and are protected from retaliation when they do so.
  • Work is conducted on the basis of freely agreed and documented terms of employment.
  • All employees are treated equally, respectfully and with dignity, work is conducted ona a voluntary basis.
  • Our employees comply with the age scale specified in the relevant legislation. All our workers are paid fair wages.
  • Our employees work according to the hours specified in the related legislation. Our employees have the right to join the trade unions.
  • Health and safety of our employees is ensured.
  • Our employees have access to fair procedures and remedies.
  • Land rights of communities, including indigenous peoples, shall be protected and promoted.
  • Our business is conducted in a manner which embraces sustainability and reduces environmental impacts.
  • Observing the physical elements in our work environments and detecting nonconformities in the elements in our case, improvements are made in our work environments.


  • Our company, which is active in the automation sector, produces safe products using materials in CE standards.
  • Providing accurate, timely, cost-effective, fast and qualified service by valuing customer requests and expectations.
  • Bench marking customer satisfaction and constantly developing.
  • We will improve our employees' occupational health, environment and quality awareness, we will make the concept of Occupational Health, Environment and Quality Management System a philosophy of life.
  • We monitor the hazards associated with Occupational Health and Safety, we will make every effort to minimize them.
  • We comply with our legal obligations, the applicable Occupational Health and Safety legislation and the requirements of the organizations we are a member of.
  • We believe that we will be involved in the development of the OHS consciousness of interested parties.
  • We will adapt the philosophy and systems of continuous improvement of our management system in all processes and we will continuously improve our efficiency and include all personnel and in this direction we will increase our market share.
  • Use the appropriate technology to keep environmental impacts under control and minimize risks.
  • Continue to improve environmental performance by following and adapting to legal, international legislation and customer requirements to prevent environmental pollution.
  • We are committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers in accordance with the requirements of Occupational Health Security, Environmental Management System and Quality Management System by following the same technological innovations in the world simultaneously with our management team and educated contemporary personnel.


Scope of Activities

Electrical Automation and Mechanical System Solutions, Mechanical Manufacturing, System Automation with PLC, MMC Engine Conrtrol Panels Motor Speed and Torque Control, SCADA Applications (Desing), Engineering Production and Consultancy Services, İntralogistics Systems, Robotic Application System, Logistic Center and Factory Installation Projects Related to Mechatronics Solutions.



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