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Research & Development

R&D Center

Dedem R&D Center, which was established in 2018, is among the first 1.000 accredited R&D centers of Turkey. In order to generate solutions to the most challenging problems of producers; we also benefit from the cooperation of university-private sector by combining the researches of the best universities with our 25-person team of experts and 27 years of experience.

Industry 4.0

We are involved in Industry 4.0 processes, which are the modern industrial revolution of our age all over the world, with our R&D studies and innovative automation designs. Since we are a company that establishes factories and develops technology, all our processes are based on R&D studies. Because we produce projects of multiple technological components, we have a organizational structure that uses many engineering areas with a multidisciplinary approach such as mechanical engineering, electrical-electronics engineering, etc.

Industry 4.0 -which includes the combination of automation tools and current IT technologies, robotics, etc.- is the basis of our R&D/design processes and strategies. We carry on our R&D activities from literature review to computer aided design, from design to the design verification with the support of the analyses and software. In addition, we set up the automation systems that we designed and produce virtually with simulation software, before physical installation. Within the scope of R&D studies, we improve design and processes before finalizing all of our products/solutions/projects.

Scope of our R&D Center

More academic and innovative projects are carried out than routine business projects within the scope of R&D Center, so the scope of sector diversity/field of activity are expanding. During the first year of activity, we started R&D projects in many different industries such as automotive, food, logistics.

As of 2019-2020, R&D studies of special systems like; new generation image processing, product function-based autonomous systems for non-linear materials, nanoscience and nano engineering assisted robotic gripper components from composite materials, multifunctional robotic gripper components, autonomous truck loading systems have also been added to our fields of activity.

In 2021, with the establishment of the Robotics & Motion Department, we designed many unique robotic grippers. We offer the safest and long-lasting systems for our customers by performing finite element analysis and many similar resistance analyses of those grippers. In addition, as the new field of activity in the R&D center; we carry out many studies on the creation of a kinematic model of a robot arm for business planning, orbit planning and dynamic control processes.

After 2021, we developed projects such as ASRS automatic storage systems, ultra-high elevator/lift systems, automatic shuttle systems for Logistics 4.0 and Warehouse 4.0. During this period, we also developed prototype test automation systems for the white goods industry.

After 2022, we will continue these projects and create important R&D solutions to the areas that require different automation.


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