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VR Factory Tour

VR Factory Tour VR Factory Tour Product Description Our ‘System Engineering’ team designs the factories in real sizes and production speeds in 3D, and then analyzes them with simulation and reveals all the risks and gains before the investment clearly. As a result of these studies, factories can be visited with VR glasses and it […]

Project Management Service

Project Management Service Project Management Service Product Description It is aimed to manage different disciplines from one center. Thus, a single communication channel with the customer is established to prevent communication and planning failure and faster action is provided. Project Management Service

Energy Efficiency Analysis

Energy Efficiency Analysis Energy Efficiency Analysis Product Description Energy efficiency studies let us use human, electricity, materials, equipment, vehicles and conveyor systems in the most efficient ways. The analysis and practices made in these studies are as follows: Analysis of forklift and operator movements for the most appropriate project with the shortest distance and the […]

Investment Consulting

Investment Consulting Investment Consulting Product Description The architecture of the premises where the factory will be established is transferred to the digital environment in 3D. An entire system and all the subsystems from the arrival of the raw material to the loading of the finished product to the truck are designed with Dedem Mekatronik’s cross-sector […]

Production Capacity Analysis

Production capacity analysis Production capacity analysis Product Description Simulation is operated with the real data of all elements in the system (OEE of the workbenches, cycle times, etc.). The workbenches, workers, lines are balanced and the productivity graphs of these elements are shared. Various scenarios are tried to find the optimum buffer stock volume and […]

Live Production Simulation

Live production simulation Live production simulation Product Description The current or new system to be established is analyzed with the real-time simulation. Bottlenecks are detected and due precautions are taken. It is easier for all project stakeholders to understand and interpret the flow by watching the simulated operating system. Programs Demo 3 D Siemens Plant […]


2D-МОДЕЛИРОВАНИЕ 2D-МОДЕЛИРОВАНИЕ Описание продукта Выполняется 2D-моделирование существующей системы и/или системы, которая будет установлена в будущем. В частности, целью является повышение осведомленности о ситуации путем 2D-моделирования существующей установленной системы. Это облегчает и ускоряет процесс принятия решений о внесении изменений или добавлении новых инвестиций к уже существующим. Используемые программы; Demo 3 D Autocad 2D-МОДЕЛИРОВАНИЕ

3D Modelling

3D modelling 3D modelling Product Description The 3D digital twin of the requested system is generated. It is aimed to be 100% agreed with our customers before the proposal process or establishing of the system on the field. The project success percentage is increased by predetected and prevented defects, bottlenecks, etc. that may encounter in […]