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Product Description

Loading and unloading to dynamic shelves can be done fully automatically using by cranes. There are stoppers and drive mechanism on the last conveyor before product transfer to the crane. Apart from storing products, it can also be used as a buffer system. Especially for companies working in mass production and shifts, buffer system is of great benefit for line balancing or preventing lines from stopping in malfunctions. In dynamic shelf system projects, designs are made according to the dimensions, weights and line capacity of the products or pallets to be handled. Shelves with layers up to 9 meters are made according to the required amount of stock. Gravity rollers with 3 degrees inclination are used on the shelves. This slope enables the products to be transported without spending any energy. According to the shelf length, braking rollers are placed in the required areas.


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Technical Features

Max. Crane Loading Capacity
800 kg
Max. Actual Speed
2 m/s
Max. Acceleration
1 m/s’2
Max. Horizontal Crane Moving
12 m
Product Capacity
1.000 – 1 .400 pieces (Load-dependent variable)
Max. Power
16 kW (Load-dependent variable including Conveyors)

Installed Projects

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