Truck Loader Unit

Truck Loader Unit

Product Description

This product is designed for automatic loading into a truck without using a forklift. By using an automated system, loading times are significantly reduced. A common conventional trailer loading time is reduced from 40 to 60 minutes into just 3 to 5 minutes. The trailers do not have to be modified. it can be used easily for international transportation trucks. Loading from production lines or warehouses to system can be automated (via conveyors, AGVs, ete.) ..


How Do We Make Difference?

Optional Equipment

Technical Features

Dimensions of the pallet:
For Example: EURO Pallet
1000x 1200x 2100 mm
9-20 meter/minute
Ambient Temperature:
-15°C to 50°C
Cold Environment*:
-30°C to 25°C
Motor Power:
2,2 kW
380V AC
Max. Capacity:
32-33 Pallets
Max. Load Weight:
– 26.000 kg (for T u rkey)
Pallet Direction:
3 pallets if Short Side Leading
2 pallets if Long Side Leading

*Supplier Capability query for cold zones proposal not required.

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Truck Loader Unit