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Cartesian Robot

Cartesian Robot

Product Description

Cartesian robots (also called linear robots) are industrial robots whose 3 axes are linearly controlled and placed at right angles to each other.
 They work to move the sliding three joints, up-down, in-out and back and forth. In addition to other advantages, this mechanical arrangement simplifies robotic arm control. The Cartesian robot, especially developed for medium-weight loads that require repeated stacking, increases productivity by saving manpower and reducing damage caused by improper stacking. In addition, Laser, Water Jet, Wood Carving, Gasket Cast, etc. Machine is also used in 3-4-5 Axis applications. Cartesian robots save valuable floor space because they work on the “working area”, unlike articulated robots that need their own covering areas.


Technical Features

Serve, AC Motor or pneumtic pistons
Suitable for customer request
Loading Capacity max
Working Environment
+ 5 °C – + 50 °C

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Cartesian Robot