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Talos Robot entitled to receive a grant

Dedem Mekatronik R&D Center, after winning the grand prize in the Efficiency Project Awards of the Ministry of Industry and Technology at the end of 2021, has started to 2022 with another good news. ‘The Double Arm Modular and Multifunctional Robot Project (Talos Agriculture Robot) with Five Degrees of Freedom Arms’, which we applied for within the scope of ‘TÜBİTAK 1507 R&D Support Program’, successfully passed all inspector and commission audits and was entitled to receive a grant. The study, which takes place in the scope of Ardit Oseku’s postgraduate thesis, one of our mechanical design experts, also includes image processing technology, one of the most important technologies of our time. Talos will be developed with our Robotic & Motion department to be used both in vertical farming applications and in assembly lines of different production facilities in the coming years. Dedem Mekatronik aims to create an important added value in the field of robotics with this project process.

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