Truck with Conveyors


This product is designed for automatic loading into a truck without using a forklift. 3-rows chain conveyors are placed into the trailer with 2 rows side by side and pallets are automatically loaded along the long edge towards front of trailer. It has the power and strength of the constructions that can carry a manual or electric pallet truck or a 3 ton forklift. As soon as system is plugged to power by the driver, the transfer is started automatically. The system can be used for loading and unloading process in both directions.

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6065 8a - Truck Loading Unloading

Double Pallet RGV

Double pallet rgv for automaticly prepairing pallets to truck



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6065 5b - Truck Loading Unloading



Truck leveller for smooth transfer



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6065 2a - Truck Loading Unloading

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