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We are committed to continuously investing in the development of our workforce and the success of our company.

Our department managers and board members have successfully completed intensive ODM Business 1 & 2 training sessions totaling 10 days under the guidance of trainer/mentor Tamer Dövücü since May 2023. These training sessions provided us with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of our professional identities and explore our work environment from a systemic perspective. Focused on awareness and behavioral change, these training programs enabled us not only to enhance our individual capacities but also to elevate ourselves as team leaders and support the success of our colleagues. Throughout this process, we learned to address the challenges in our professional lives through the lens of ODM, leading to more effective and sustainable outcomes.

We want to reiterate our belief in enhancing the skills, increasing the awareness, and unlocking the highest potentials of each of our employees. Education, for us, is not just an investment; it is a commitment, a shared vision for the bright future of our employees and our company.

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